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A fuller comprehension of the terms and expressions used in this book will increase its multilevel understandability. Explanations to the glossary will facilitate greater efficiency in understanding the text and its symbolic content. Inevitably, difficulties arise in describing manifestations from other dimensions in terms expressive of our physical world, such as words and pictures.

The higher dimensions deviate from our physical world in internal as well as external structure; the more they do the higher the levels of existence involved. On Planet Earth individuals generally share the sensations from physical matter in almost the same way. As a matter of course, major differences are due to varying personal abilities.

These restrictions (of being bound to one's individual experiential growth) also prevail when attempts are made to describe understandably any observations of the levels of other dimensions or to explain any external or internal forms of life, processes, or internal connections subject to the laws of that particular dimension.

Each and very one of us has to work from the basis of a self-created framework, irrespective of any external or internal factors affecting us. Our findings and experiences, only when compared to this framework and hence properly understood, will help us in our growth towards greater personal humanity.



Guiding operations completed and controlled through adjustment processes, which are actualized in one or more objects at the same time, will produce parallel results in mutual accordance. An individual's decisions, for instance, with ensuing actions will be actualized in accordance with his single soul plan.



Guiding regulation ranging from equilibrium to required internal corrections with a potential of working as guiding impulses.



A general term for all advanced universal beings existing above the physical world and working for the guidance of beings bound to lower Streams of Life (human beings). There is an immense multitude of advisors, higher or lower in hierachy or developmental status.



The internal or external bonds of similarity connecting one to another by means of energies.



Alternative courses of action opened at a given situation, enabling parallel lines of operation. These can be quite as appropriate and adequate as their original counterparts, in accordance with the circumstances involved.



Used in this book in the sense of animal-like, with reference to activities resembling the functions at the development stage of animals as interpreted by human comprehension.



Something, say a development process, necessary for an entity, under due guidance and control by the Powers of the Universe.


Ascended Masters

A relative designation for individuals who have properly actualized the Laws of Life through their personal development. There is in the long Stream of Life a multitude of parallel lines of mastership, equal in development stage yet varying in content or other respects. Each main stage of universal development (eartly levels, Radiant levels, Levels of Radiant Light, etc.) contains its specific dimensions with their particular, more experienced and more understanding beings bestowed with a status comparable to that of a master.



Minor or focused corrective support, given directly or indirectly via a number of methods. The guiding or adjusting measures may be taken simultaneously through several layers of a dimension, all in accordance with the inter-linkage between the adjuster(s) and the recipient(s).


Astral (cognitive-emotional)

Referring to the cognitive-emotional vehicle or body. Its functions realize themselves through the energies of thought and emotion as well as their creative mastery.


Astral bodies

The mental and emotional vehicles or bodies of astral dimension follow man's physical body in succession towards the Spiritual constituent. These strata can be divided into lower and higher mental-emotional layers. In the higher layers the contents of these bodies are manifested as a consciousness of more refined thoughts and sentiments. In the intermediate strata there exist transitional modifications of these attuned towards either of the extremes.



The possibility of reaching one's objectives on the basis of personal attainments and experiential understanding at a given situation. Attainability is here understood as referring to all potentially existing dimensions of personal essence. Each of these dimensions, therefore, is viable for operation yielding results one may not even have dreamed of.



The whole of a person's knowledge (available) containing all dimensions of his existence from the highest to the lowest. The mind is the framework for awareness, which constitutes the whole of its contents. Physical consciousness manifests itself as a comprehensional capacity incorporated in day-consciousness; a person's understanding at any given moment is the then utilized share of his day-consciousness. Any quantity of consciousness is but a part of a greater consciousness. Planetary consciousness, for instance, contains subjected to it the consciousnesses of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms with their particular strata (group souls). The structure of human consciousness differs from that of a creature from other dimensions in that the latter lack the effects of the physical body.


Book of Life, the

A symbolic term for the ultimate Laws of Life, functioning as guiding control for both the universe as well as the individual. For the latter the Book of Life contains a record of knowledge already learned as well as that to be learned in the future. The control circuits of physical world are connected to  their counterparts in the worlds of finer substance. Man, for  one, has meddled with the Book of Life by high-handedly interfering with the composite structure of live elements with inadequate knowledge, for instance, on the internal laws of hydgogen in an H-bomb. Hydrogen is indeed a live element, and modifications on its internal structure in uncontrolled circumstances might cause unpredictable chain reactions. Water contains hydrogen; therefore an explosion of an H-bomb might, throught the life-controlling circuitry, result in expanding the original chain reaction into the finer-substance worlds and elsewhere in space.



In contrast with our basic material existence, an impression of new brilliance is created by an inner light shining from within one's spirituality. The high-frequency content of the involved energies elevates the comprehension quotient of consciousness, thereby creating a state of buoyancy and brilliance.



Referring to man's motive-generated vehicle or body, comprising seven dimensional layers - like most other vehicles. The main energy content of the reincarnating self - of the Soul, in other words - derives its influences from these levels. It is here that the spiritual capital gained via increased understanding and other mental growth through the ages is gathered by means of properly qualified universal energies. It is also from these bodily strata that we derive our most potent positive as well as negative properties affecting the quality of our lives. The more lenient and more easily correctible distortions are attached to bodily strata lower than these buddhic layers. Consequently, their correction process is easier due to their lesser energy content.



Referring to the higher intellectual body. The layers of more sublime consciousness of the higher intellect are situated on this level. The concept of 'intellect' is to be understood in a wider and more complex sense than merely a 'mental' one. The individual's corresponding body serves as a reservoir of source energy for these functions. The causal levels evolve into a source of conscious action only through the individual's long and right-minded travel on the way of humanity.


Celestial architects

The designers of the principles of Universal Life, whose principal duty is to plan and realize prematerial and material wholes. This planning covers all dimensions of Universal Existence, whether in part or as a whole.


Chakras, the

The main energy centres in the human body, subject to activation by the seven main rays. Each chakra receives impulses from the main rays and yields informational energy contained in these impulses in quantity and efficiency respective to the individual's development stage. In addition, there are in the body system a great many minor counterparts to the chakras co-ordinating the energies of Universal Life within the body.



Transmission of information via a great many methods. The energy content and spirituality vary in quality from case to case. The numerous channelling methods differ in internal structure and external character. The channeller works as an intermediary for information from spirits of higher levels and cosmic beings.



Conceptually this refers to any form of anarchy where every control and orderliness have been lost in part or totally. Chaotic energies may affect, for instance, ecological systems resulting in lesser or greater damage to nature.



The vibration frequency of an object or its backround energy field of several layers. In larger application, a fundamental planetary chord or even a cosmic backround chord. A person's own chord is a combination ensuing from his composite energies (toned by their prevalent qualities and intensity).



A referential term for a variety of adjustment and guidance lines of Life whereby the multilevel energy vibrations of Life are transferred from the Centre of the Universe to a variety of cosmic dimensions. A wealth of differences exist in the essence structure of these circuits. The human body contains meridians through which, in addition to the neural network, is distributed the effusion of Universal Energy by the chakras.


Circuits of Eternal Life

The guidance adjusting the workings of the Universe requires for its realization the Circuits of Eternal Life. In areas close to the centre of the universe, in other words on higher dimensions of existence, their structural qualities are different from those in work for more outward areas. In addition, the complex multi-layered structure of the universe calls for specific lines of guidance adapted to each layer, working for finer adjustment of the transmitted energy. The properties of these circuits as prevalent in central areas of the universe decrease in transmission capacity insofar as the lower layers are approached. With the approach of the evolutionary worlds of space the transmission capacity of the circuits now employed is transformed into that of increased transmission preguidance and greater concentration of more lenient Streams of Life.


Clairaudience (clear-hearing)

The paraphysical (extrasensory) ability of perceiving sounds of comprehensible structure from inaudible frequencies.


Clairscience (clear-knowing)

The widest-ranging of paraphysical abilities of obtaining personal knowledge about the Universe.


Clairsentience (clear-feeling)

Among paraphysical abilities the first to grow receptive enabling activities on extrasensory dimensions.


Clairvoyance (clear-sight)

The paraphysical or extrasensory ability of discerning objects beyond the boundaries of place and time.



The internal process of two or more subjects transmitting and receiving information of any form by any method. Extrasensory or paraphysical communication incorporates a multilevel structure with each level differing in content according to the utilized frequency.



The possibility of relating two or more subjects in parallel or in a group for the purpose of studying or analysing their contents.



An minor formation of energy, adjustment circuitry, prematter and matter. A composite is a minor and more orderly formation than a gathering. Cf.'Gathering'.



A larger composite of vibrating chords always in accordance with the essence of the object.



The share of a person's sentience (awareness) at his avail at any given moment. Exemplified by the states of daily consciousness and dream-consciousness.



Any composite entity of limited extent and dimension.



Once launched, continuity is connected to impulses, both external and internal, conscious and unconscious. The stage of self-conscious individual development together with an understanding line of action provides the basis for personal growth.



An area of the universe, a minor integral whole separated from it for purposes of comparison, analysis and so on.



An assembly of several counsellors (cf. above) or adjusters acting in unison. Exemplified by karmic, planetary, solar and the like councils.



A universal fellow traveller who has gained more experiential understanding of spiritual knowledge and more versatile abilities than his earth-oriented companions. Counsellors have specific universal guides, best versed in the development of the particular fields of activity in question. The levels and parallelisms with the adjoining Streams of Life are adjusted from the Circuits of the Universal Plan.



Creativity pertains to an amount of potential variants equal to the number of existing people. Each and every one of us has a unique set of resources for activities of creation by means of his personal capabilities. Artistic creativity is but one aspect of mental creative power. Creativity through thoughts and visualization serve as helpful tools for the student of the spiritual path. At a later stage he shall gain control of the creative forces maintaining Life.


Creator's Great Plan

A perfect internal and external programme for the control of the Universe - creating, adjusting and guiding all Life within it. In the respective dimension layer and subordinate to it, each intracosmic local plan is regulated and adjusted separately; yet in general accordance with the circuitry of Life.


Daily consciousness

In the physical world we usually employ a part of our consciousness thus called. On falling asleep we travel to the strata of dream-consciousness and areas above that.



The process of decelerating, or slowing down, the Great Universal Plan can be actualized via conscious or partly unconscious means: by identifying oneself with the prevalent distorted models of conduct around us. On the individual level one may for various reasons begin to decelerate his own spiritual growth. An indirect form of deceleration may be caused by the force of impulses with religious, political, economic or military authority.


Decimal or experimental planet

An approximate term for an experimental planet, i.e. such a planet where life experimentation at a variety of stages is being carried out. These experimental planets can differ from one another immensely both in internal and external conditions, each constituting one part in the Great Universal Plan.



An intrinsic quality of an entity in a stream of development and complementation. Inner programmings incorporated in these deficiencies provide contact links for external impulses and programmings. These impulses are felt by their subjects as sensations of interference. The status of energy completion will disallow contact of this nature.



Adjusting or guiding energies are actualized with a certain amount of delay consisting of the speed of reaction by the object and of the subsequent adjustment operation.



Embodiment of energy in multidimensional strata which may, at need, take manifest shape on the levels they utilize for purposes of embodiment. There is a great wealth of strata, each containing a multitude of corresponding beings with manifestations in the Streams of Life. There are other parallel terms in frequent use, such as natural elementals, natural spirits, angelic spirits, devaic angels, and natural realms.


Development stages

The stages indicate relations of mental development to the evolutionary process. They are to be regarded as approximate guidelines. These can be exemplified by grades from 1 through 13 and levels such as 'earthly levels' and 'Radiant Levels'.



Study, research or even multidimensional analysis carried out via a great variety of methods, such as mechanical, physical, chemical and supernatural.



A referential expression for an intermediate structure lying between parallel levels and specifically differing from these. Exists in numbers incomprehensible to the human mind.


Dimensional levels

The levels present in any of the dimensions of the Universe, including Planet Earth, together with their intrinsic laws and respective creatures. The level of any single dimension contains a great variety of beings in most diversified modifications.



A guiding or referential impulse of moderate intensity either from outside or inside programming.



A general formulation for a situation where the operating person regards himself as doing good but actually utilizes excessive methods. In the long run detrimental effects, instead of the beneficial ones desired, are produced. Disproportionate, indelicate motives, often seen through one's limited personal understanding, lie in the backround.



In the development scale of human spirituality this kind of person's understanding and development stage are below average. Egotism is alive in his behaviour, which may occasionally also manifest traits pertaining to animal nature.



The specific contents of an object under observation with its earlier content level as registered by the observer. In terms of definition, the efficiency content of an object at any given moment is related to the agreed efficiency value, deviations from which are then interpreted as variations in charge efficiency.


Egoism (Selfishness)

A decisively chosen line of action solely in favour of one's own interests at the expense of others.


Egotism (Self-centeredness)

The identification of one's self with personal interests resulting in a narrow outlook on life sided with scanty understanding. Egotism manifests itself in a multitude of forms depending on the circumstances.



An alternative term for devas and natural spirits, often employed to designate a given manifestation range of created beings.


Elevated state

In such a state the comprehension of and obedience to the Great Cosmic Laws will provide increased strength and scope for the progress of ascent on the path of growth. During peaceful spells of meditation and self-composure one can attain the level of clarified consciousness even on the physical level - again in accord with the individual development stage.


Energies of form and contents

There is an immense multitude of spacial energies, varying in form and contents. They all share two essential qualities: uniqueness of information content, and influence developed in unison with their adjusting units, the Circuits of Life. Some of these energies are by way of their energy content involved in the Life-adjusting circuits of Universal energy. Some, in turn, are energy composites creating coherency and regulating vitality. The energies providing the cohesive form for man's physical-etheric body differ in quality and internal influence from their counterparts for Planet Earth as to their efficiency, extent and contents. The cohesive energies for man are connected to a planetary bond; at the same time existing in their own right, as separate constituents of energy. Differences occur in their internal information frequency in terms of frequency altitude and application extent. The specifically allocated energy providing man's bodily form affects the planetary energies in the form of reflexes from information energies and impulses from the concentric Circuits of Life. Cf. 'Circuits'.



Referring to an essence effect reminiscent of electricity, yet containg a variety of modified energy vibrations and multilevel frequencies with respective circuits.



A general term referring to a directive element of specific information and reflecting certain tone of colour. Energy may have an outlined shape or receive the form-shaping influences through contact with other elements or also be activated into form by another, i.e. external impulse having this activation potential. The form-shaping influence may be regarded as consisting of three principal constituents: Guiding Love, Adjusting Wisdom, and Creating Power. The outpouring of guidance energy from higher above is modified by each descending Stream of Life in accordance with its own development level. In theory, the resulting charge should be ideal with respect to the prevalent circumstances if directly connected to an appropriate Guidance of Life. Or rather, more or less deviant by its charge essence,all depending on the recipient. This results in the need for complementary energy through a new linkage, depending, in turn, on the extent and effective magnitude of the deviaton as well as its impact on other constituents. Consequently, these internal impacts are experienced either as positive or negative binding energies, depending on their individual energy charge. All incidents happening to an individual are actually neutral in structure - it is only his own energy charge and those of the other individuals committed to the situation that give rise to any internal tensions.


Energy motivator, the

After preparing the single soul plan the energy motivator starts feeding impulses to the energy linkages of the planned- to-be parents drawing forth the genetic capabilities, whether apparent or latent, required by the soul desiring to reincarnate. Latent capabilities are reinforced by the energy motivator in ratio to their impulse to the potential available in the parents-to-be at that time. Each person manifests his individual genotype, i.e. the genetic assemblage derived from his parents. From the very first moment of his embodiment, linkages are activated on the finer-substance levels by the energy motivator simultneously with the internal union of DNA codes. From then on the necessary available genetic impulses take their etheric and physical shape as a result of the controlling power of the energy codes.

   In other respects the energy motivator relates to the extent, multiplicity and appropriateness of the situation, the more supreme the function of these arrangements. Through the workings of the energy motivator two or more persons can be attracted to joint dealings, provided they share sufficient similarity to activate their union. In other words, the energy motivator is a tool for those above us for the reinforcement and activation of capacities viable for social intercourse between individuals on the physical level. This capacity is being utilized in cases where it carries essential value for the universal continuity of the now and the future.



The culmination of the process of attaining adequate mental-spiritual energies for the state of elevated and expanded understanding, allowing the individual to identify himself with his Spirit.



Beings sharing the same level of individual development, with differences occurring in essence structure.



A longer or shorter period of time, determined on account of its internal or external influences. The duration of our planetary rotation in its orbit or other such circuit round a central body or part thereof. For instance a cosmic year, appr. 26 000 years on Planet Earth, or a twelfth part of it, i.e. a period of some 2000 years.


ESP (Extrasensory perception)

Perception independently of the ordinary human senses. This covers the collection, reception and transmission of stimuli, comparable to the sensory perception on the physical level, to our inner fields of consciousness and energy. Every individual makes personal perceptions of our physical world, whose informational content differs in respect to their effects from those gained by other individuals. Paraphysical (i.e. extrasensory) perceptions differ on account of the individual stage of mental-spiritual development including personal abilities. Persons of a similar development stage, activated to more intellectual lines of activities, show certain differences owing to their personal abilities. In comparison with the more creative, artistic personalities (of similar development stage) differences actualize themselves in the accentuation of the perceived information. The paraphysical senses include: clairsentience (through the heart chakra or centre), clairaudience (the throat centre), clairvoyance (the brow centre) and clearscience (the crown centre). (See 'Chakras'.) Each of these levels manifests differences in individual development stages. Through personal growth these functions become more diversified and qualified, and thereby also more viable in terms of perception.



Referring to general planetary development prevalent in the renewing Streams of Life. Evolution is regulated by guidance and adjustment processes attached to growing experiential understanding. On its lowest stage, evolution is originated from the Plasm of Life; yet it may be transferred at need in more developed modifications by other methods from elsewhere, ever in accordance with the development plan of the recipient planet.



Referring to qualities gained through the growth of experiences.



Referring to an entity and its existential essence outside a personality or planet. External life is diversified, multilevel and multiparallel in character.


External guidance

The range of guiding circuits, wider or narrower, of Universal Life constitute a basis for all adjustment. The external universal guidance is more multidimensional and extensive than its cosmic counterpart (Cf. 'Cosmos'; 'Universe'). The planetary directivenes operates via the joint influences from both individual and collective consciousnesses. In addition to the directive of physical energies from mankind, and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, there are the regulative administrative and directive functions of superetheric dimensions. All these influence the energy information of objects, whether an individual or group. The multifrequency and multicontent allocation circuitry of the Universe is connected to their corresponding links within the respective individual fields.


External time zone

The spacial time zone outside the internal time zone of our planet. Its energy content is made up of more diverse properties of matter than the bond from joint energies prevalent and in operation within the energy field of Planet Earth. The widely differing energy charges in accumulations of spacial matter produce an impression of sparseness in the essence of Time. This time zone manifests several layers and dimensional levels not unlike those of the planetary dimension. The ratio of the mass of material energies to those prevalent in outer space reflects a level of correspondence to the external time zone. Certain internal and external directiveness due to the Cosmic Laws receives its balancing energies reciprocally, that is, from each other, within the internal-external dimension of time zones. Thereby both are interrelated to an extent; everything is in relation to everything else. The further into the externality in time zones one wishes to advance, the higher frequency levels of dimension are to be attained via his controlled development state. The more advanced civilizations can be transferred to - from our point of view - passed levels of existence, parallel to our own; and also to our own future, thereby shaping it. Those who enter the internal time zone of our planet from the direction of our future will experience our presence as a part of their history, while their presence is our future taking shape.



Limited, or specified and defined area in extent or plane. A limited area visualized by an individual, containing anything observable; the range of observation depending on the observation conditions and the capabilities of the observer.


Free will

A chance to choose between alternative courses of action, whether appropriate or less constructive, which will affect one's later activities through the qualification process of energies contained in these options.



A concept related to the internal time zones wherein one is bound with low vibration frequencies due to reduced understanding. In this state one can utilize only a narrow content of his understanding - hence one is cut off from information streaming from the events to come. A transition into external time renders him able to move in the thereby actualized future in accordance with his individual development. Cf. 'Conscious(ness)'.



Referring to a spacial or cosmic adjustment of administrative or guiding nature within a galaxy, together with the guidance processes of information energies. The complex, multilayered structure of this guidance facilitates its effectiveness, multilevelness and multidimensionality. It contains all relevant orders of guiding and functional beings together with the evolutionary Streams of Life with every inherent element, great and small.



A system of stars such as our Milky Way or the Andromeda. Individual size, contents and development stage may vary a great deal. Similar variance exists in the level of manifestation.



A major formation of varying contents resulting from information gathered from matter and energy with inherent adjustment systems. This kind of assemblage may thus contain a joint effect from both right and wrong energies at the same time. It may consist of space, pre-matter, matter, pre-energy, energy, or electromagnetism. Cf. 'Composite'.



The programming particles for the basis of life in the bodies of plants, animals and humans (cf. 'Gene charts'). These include energy codes preactivated by and linked to prekarmic and karmic links (cf. 'Energy motivator').



A term for the force of gravity. The planetary gravitation is connected to atmospheric magnetism, its resulting effect together with all other molecular magnetism of matter. The intrasolar gravitation is on the one hand made up of local planetary factors, and on the other, of multidimensional pulling and pushing forces within energy circuits, thereby creating the necessary cohesion. The interstellar gravitation comprises more powerful dimensions, more extensive circuitry as well as intra-galactic force-field effectors. The lesser gravitational energy links are activated either on the local time-space field or on more extensive energy bindings operational beyond the time-space dimension.


Great (Universal) Plan, the

The ultimate programme adjusting and guiding the Universe, present as the power activating Life.


Great Nameless, the

A referential designation for the Prime Universal Source, Divinity.


Group souls

A main division of joint energy upon which the Divine plan and adjusting guidance are directed. The group soul of the mineral kingdom is evolutionarily lagging behind that of the vegetable kingdom due to the latter's further progress in the process of individuation. The group soul of the animal kingdom is respectively further advanced in individuation. Mankind, lastly, incorporates a differentiated soul essence instead of a clear-cut group soul. In man the recipient of Divine energy is the spirit constituent, also known as the 'Eternal Self'.



Beings existing in the vibration levels nearest above our own physical world. Guides are subordinate to teachers, these in turn to masters and so forth through the whole hierachy of universal guidance.

Guiding Guardians of Life

An extension of a previously mentioned group (see 'Advisors') in that the latter are also responsible for operating the power circuits of creative content. Through their energy essence these guardians adjust and maintain the prerequisites for the Life of their subjects.



A general term for persons via whom correcting, healing energies  can be transferred, either from their own energy field or from elsewhere through their essence. Healers can channel several kinds of soul energies, ranging from plain bioenergy to the refined energies of the Spirit.


Hidden, the

A generic term connected to the gradual process of the expansion of consciousness. The consciousness of the more advanced on the spiritual path has expanded the sphere of activities beyond that of those less advancedand their more restricted functional area. Through individual effrots new territories are conquered in the more developed dimensions of our world, whereby their secrets will be in due course revealed. Increased consciousness reveals things hidden and makes away with idle fears.


Humanity (humanness)

Referring to qualities specific to human beings. These higher values are operational in everyday life. In all his dealings the individual is aware of justice and fundamental universal guidance - with the realization that he is but a mere fraction of Life in its proper sense. This duly results in reverence for Life - in a true, constructive way and in full accordance with the Great Universal Plan.



Identifying oneself with an object or environment, consciously or unconsciously.



Worship of idols. The significance of spiritual or mental images is highly personal. Throughout the history of man, suggestions can be found of symbolic veneration of invisible beings depicted as idols, as well as forms of vicarious, or indirect, adoration. If this adoration is focused on the very idol with no aspiration whatever of identifying oneself with the subject represented by it, one is but a mere idolater. Whereas one intent on attuning his inner being to the true transcendental object depicted will reach a more cosmic contact to the circuits opening one's spirituality. A depiction of divinity and the like will engage one's profound devotional aspirations towards the Supreme Guiding Source. The image then serves as an incentive through which one can open to more sublime sentiments and states of consciousness, in accord with his spiritual stage.



A major or minor part of space remaining outside the human capacity of conceptual observation, experienced from within (in the mind) or from without (in physical reality). An individual's personal capacity of observation is connected to his development stage, thereby differing in relation to other representatives of mankind. A person with a more advanced consciousness is capable of perceiving more complex wholes and dimensions - due to his experiential growth - than a person starting his mental-spiritual growth.



A quality reflected in a Life-bearer of either physical or etheric form, capable of independent, controlled decisions, and understanding their consequential developments. Certain forms of intellectual activities are also manifested in the most advanced individuals among the animal kingdom.


Intermediate Self, the

A general term referring to a soul entity situated between the Higher Self and Lower Self. The conscious, properly understood spiritual reserve - one gained through growing experiential understanding - will be bound, in accordance with its energies, to the suited layer of the soul of the student on his path of eternal growth. In the form of soul programmes the karmic influences adjust the properties of his Lower Self as well as the contents of all other factors and the effective magnitude of his binding links towards fellow-individuals.


Internal guidance

The impulses of internal guidance vary in energy content, and further variation exists in the frequency level employed in each case. The main motivator of internal guidance can lie in a person's energy consciousness. Varying levels of guiding rays from higher dimensions can be utilized to support and intensify this guidance. Further differences may occur in its scope (width-height) on account of varying individual qualifications.


Internal time zone

A relative term referring to the informational bond fields formed from energies. The planetary time-relatedness is created by the same frequency level of material vibration. A certain assemblage of joint energies through its velocity/inertia creates an illusion of Time. By means of their consciousness, individuals will identify themselves through this illusion of Time. As human beings we are bound to the internal planetary time zone of Planet Earth. The lowest level of material essence of this time zone contains the physical state of Planet Earth. It is made up of the seven structural states of matter: solid, fluid, gaseous, etheric, superetheric, atomic and superatomic. The internal time in an individual consists of the inner energy charges and qualitative properties of his bodies; that is, the astral, mental, causal, and other layers in comparison with those of his fellow travellers. Consequently, there are differences in the internal conception of time between different individuals.



The intuitive recognition and actualization of the opportunities for individual learning in a given situation. Through this process universal energies are gathered into soul reserve.


Intracosmic influence on the soul plan

Pertaining to an area larger than an individual's selection and realization of Life influences, including those through his close personal links. An intracosmic main soul plan directs the person to expand his guiding activities larger than is the activity sphere of an average person. A soul plan of this kind can be received even in the incarnate state for the purpose of accelerating one's spiritual growth. Then, however, the recipient is committed to more expanded guidance work in accord with his personal qualifications.



The ionization of air is a phenomenon observed around spacecraft, occasionally also around spacial beings, visible as optical phenomena induced in several ways. Electromagnetism present in the atmosphere receives from other dimensions of matter a higher energy charge via the said spacecraft or spacial beings.



A general term for the energetic formula for the realization of the law of cause and effect. The effective impulses are hidden as programmed moorings in the numerous layers of the Soul. They will guide the individual via his binding links, which are present in his physical level and levels above, to other persons suited to these links. An act of malice consciously done weighs heavier in the scales judging the shares of cause and effect than one carried out of ignorance. In cases where external factors force the individual to act against his own ethical or moral values, his real motives are taken into account.


Karmic Council, the

An assembly of Wise and Supreme Beings, for judging the actions of human individuals on the basis of Universal Justice. The Council always takes into consideration the individual understanding level of the acting person.



Pertaining to an incident or any guiding or adjusting process occurring at a given level. This term also covers the respective beings as well as their functions.


Levels of spirit

A general term referring to dimensions above our physical plane, including their respective beings and worlds of manifestation. Depending on the definition adopted, these can include all spacial quarters ranging from the astral dimensions of our planet to the higher frequency dimensions above. The real spiritual levels constitute operational dimensions for the action of the Eternal Self.


Limited resources

A person's mental development stage together with his will under the guidance of understanding provide the limits within which an individual accepts or rejects elements, internal or external, from among the abundant riches of Life. Individuals sharing a similar personal development will therefore have differences in several spheres of Life.


Lower Self, the

The physical body together with its etheric counterpart or double. The latter's function is to mediate vital energy to the former, filling its physical essence, yet having a differing field of vibration. The etheric body is conjoined by the astral body, i.e. the lower layers of the Soul.



A person's or object's vibration level may fall short in energy content of the reference level at the given circumstances. Similarly the prevalent level of individual essence may fall below that of the present community.



A variety of effects are operative in magnetism. Accordingly, their structure varies and so does their effective force, for instance the magnetism in metals from that in the atmosphere. The magneto-energic bonds in cosmic layers present parallel structural deviations. Its universal variants are more complex in contents reflecting uniform linking fields to their effective area.



Referring to the layer of the Eternal Self or Overself. Another parallel designation is the Spark of the Spirit, together with a host of similar terms. The reference of all is the manifestation level of a person's highest constituent, whereinto in due time is gathered the highest (mental-spiritual) reserve of his experiential understanding together with its energy content.


Main rays

The cosmic rays, seven in operation in our dimension, together with their numerous subrays. In addition, Planet Earth is increasingly affected by the more universal rays from the operation levels of higher energies. Each main dimension manifests seven-parted division in its effect area. Out of the three dimensions of main levels (earthly levels, Radiant Levels, and Levels of Radiant Light) seven branches are multiplied into each level, in other words 21 in all.


Main soul plan

A long-term main programme for the purpose of developing one's personality and guiding one's actions. Designed for several incarnations as well as the intervening periods. The formulas incorporated in this long-term evolution plan are in perfect harmony with the planetary plan. It contains inner programmings to rectify and adjust the realization of the soul plan. Through this programming is actualized the ages-long, multireincarnate soul plan with its consistent, continuous influence from evolutionary energies.



The medium proper is an individual with extrasensory abilities. In his own personal way he can serve as an intermediary between us and the so-called dead - our deceased relatives, for example.

The medium works on levels linked with mankind's reincarnation cycle; in a way which is more earth-oriented than those used by other channellers. Mediums have widely varied individual capacities and spiritual development stages; their motives and inner aspirations determine their moral-ethical qualifications for the work of helping others. Cf.'Channelling'.



A stock where the recall of abilities is stored for later use. These abilities build on progressive understanding and experience. The body incorporates its own stock, the so-called bodily memory. Each layer in the soul also contains its own memory counterpart. The highest manifestations of memory are present in the spiritual constituent of man, operational in certain situations via functions such as 'guidance from memory'. The planetary memory records and controls higher-frequency long-term influences from one period to another. The ultimate form of memory is present in the Universal memory, or Eternity memory - which is time-related despite its name. Its descending sublayers are the so-called akashic levels, i.e. past, present and future. Varying structural techniques are employed in the internal qualities of memorizing.



Referring to man's intellectual body. A person's lower operational levels of his intellectual bodies are incorporated here. The consciousness centres of lower intellect open from these layers, and attached thereto are also their respective energies, composite and refined. Between individuals there are differences in the energy control and qualitative efficiency of the intellectual consciousness due to evolutionary differences.


Mentality (man's mental essence)*

* FOOTNOTE: In Finnish this term implies a more direct link to spirituality than in English

A greater and more defined knowledge and command of universal laws than is generally possible for a beginner on the spiritual path (cf. 'Spirituality'). A student journeying on the path of evolution has an opportunity to make advanced self-adjustable progress in his mental growth when he fully understands and consciously controls his actions. His own personality is then under the control of directive guidance, duly growing increasingly objective and practical.



Their contents and channelling methods differ in the quality of their essence, case by case, ranging from the lowest messages, i.e. modifications of the channeller's own mind, to the genuine teachings to the student of the Universe, originating from true masters. The recent, more efficiently sensitivizing outpourings of energy may in certain phases of life 'overtune' some individuals, with the result that the channel opens prematurely, i.e. in a development stage of uncontrolled mental activity.



Several parallel methods or operational options can be utilized in alternative activities affecting any given planet's development. The methods and programmes chosen are determined by the development plan and main programme for that planet.



A combining link between spirit, soul and body constituents. As a composite of their respective circuits it co-ordinates their functions. The mind incorporates consciousness with all its inherent layers (providing us with the understanding available at any given moment). In a way the mind acts as a framework and the consciousness as its contents.



Any created being subject to reincarnation during the present stage of his development. Once the individual is released from the cycle of reincarnations condiditioned by his karma, his mortal existence on this planet is terminated.



A parallel term for 'multiple', 'multilevel' and 'complex', which adjectives are used in this work rather synonymously. A quality simultaneously operational in several strata of matter or energy.



A general term for manifestations of all physical matter together with their etheric counterparts on Planet Earth, inclusive of all elemental beings. Viewed from the aspect of matter, the physical nature in all consists of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms together with mankind.


New Era

Transition into a new major period of time activated by the external and internal life pressures, in turn created by the renewal of agelong energies. These pressures manifest themselves on a scale ranging from the individual level to the planetary.



States of sleep from alpha frequencies onwards, including the deeper levels of consciousness. Cosmic teaching is frequently  started on various levels of night-consciousness. The layers of consciousness which have been intensified for activities of understanding will through their specific properties be activated by guiding impulses from the dimensions of sleep-consciousness. By means of the bodies of Soul layers it is possible to move on the levels of paraphysical vibration frequencies. To the student of the spiritual path this will be first facilitated through the levels of sleep-consciousness.



Referring to the lower spiritual layers of the Supreme mind. This layer contains the long-term programmings of the reincarnating self, formed in the higher layers of mental guidance. As a result of long and determined exercise, an individual in deep-conscious meditation may reach these strata - even while present in his physical body. Aside from these types of exercises this achievement is due to lengthy and right-minded observation of the Laws of Life.



Internalization of external stimuli in physical and paraphysical layers of consciousness. Clairvoyance and the related faculties fall into this category as well as our ordinary sight and hearing on the physical level.



An individual may be compelled to choose among many possible alternatives a nearest option best suited to the requirements of the task in question.


Outer layers (strata)

Every manifestation of Life contains outer and inner layers.


Outer space

The spacial areas surpassing our time-space bonds.



A person outside the active guidance of Stream of Life or part thereof.


Overself, the

A parallel term for designations like the Eternal Self, the Spirit constituent, and the Supreme Self, referring to the highest manifestation of the Spark of Spirit within a personality, being the highest constituent attachable to it. This attachment is actualized via and as a result of the fusion of the higher layers of the Soul.



Referring to the higher spiritual layers of the Supreme mind, and their contents gained under the guidance of the latter and  during evolutionary Streams of Life fused into the higher layers of the Soul. Their energy content is in direct relation to the individual's spiritual development stage.



A term more commonly known as extrasensory or transcendental, referring to phenomina that exist beyond our physical senses; for instance the abilities known as clairvoyance and clairaudience.



A collective term for the study of such information gained via experiential, scientific or extrasensory means that can be considered as evidence on the effects of other dimensions on our physical world. Kirlian photography or transcommunicative experiments exemplify this field.


Period of transition

A major change from the essence of the earlier evolutionary period into a new one with its renewed consciousness and influences. There exists a strong attraction towards new values drastically moulding man's code of inner values, and also manifesting in his outer essence. The older, restricting patterns of human existence will vanish for want of feeding energies, making way for a more humane approach created via renewed internal programmings.



Referring to the mental qualities formed through experiential growth in understanding; the mental-spiritual energy reserve gained in working with the Laws of Life. In other words, a person's abilities accumulated through his mental development and spiritual qualities. Personality is a combination of a physical shape with its soul constituent and of spirit constituent existing on levels of higher vibrations. Each personality can avail oneself only a part of his main soul constituent, ever according to his main soul plan. Hence his individual qualities of personality are formed for the learning period of each incarnation. Cf. 'Mind'.



Adjusting life entity to an internal or external circuit influencing the energies within its range. Phasing can be directed for controlling deviation from the given nominal value, even within the same evergy levels. This involves modification of information contained by given vibration frequencies.



Referring to the material body or entities on the material level. This lowest level of personal existence also resides on the lowest level of vibration frequency. The physical body contains its etheric counterpart, the so-called etheric double, which sustains it. The soul of an individual is attached to this etheric body. Accordingly, the experience range of the physical body is confined to the physical phenomina on this planet.



Referring to perceived and physically sensed stimuli, including a variety of sensations, potentially generating physical reactions. Reactions created by bodily or mental impulses, whether internal or external, can be drastic in comparison with the person's experience level.


Planet Earth

An integral whole affected by all material, administrative, adjustive and spiritual energies in common, depending on the developmental level and individuation stage of the entities concerned. The property of physical presence inherent in energy begins to be felt increasingly the more the individual opens himself to paraphysical, higher planetary layers. Our physical dimension gains its cohesion from the complex energies supplied through the higher circuits of Life. The astral layers derive their sustenance from adjusting energies above them. All alike, each referential dimension receives its cohesive force from its higher respective dimension. The similarity between the physical and astral bodies is also realized - structurally modified - in the mental layer. Thus corresponding properties are manifested in each main division. See also 'Nature'.


Plasm of Life, the

A symbolic term for the precoded protoplasm containing the original seed of Life and in due course evolving into more developed and increasingly versatile manifestations. Life plasm can be transferred as a modification of elsewhere collected substances to a planet visible to us, or one of even higher vibration frequency, i.e. not visible to us.



Material pollution constitutes a violation of the ultimate Life-guiding values. With his activities man has introduced into nature pollutants which do not inherently belong there. Nuclear pollution penetrating all material protection; oil belts formed in catastrophes, wilful or not; detrimental effects of electromagnetism such as magnetic fields produced by transformers; intensive radar and radio waves with their enervating effect reaching even the biochemical electrical impulses on the cellular level; natural gas pipelines with radiation ranging up to hundreds of metres - examples are many. Depending on their internal quality and efficiency, physical pollutants can affect many levels of Life, up to the layers of etheric dimension. Mental pollutants, in other words thought patterns and impulses degrading the quality of one's inner life, often derive their content from detrimental mental states.


Primordial races, the

Generally various reference works divide the evolution of mankind between the seven primordial races. Each of these differ in the way of racial properties, inherent faculties and other genetic qualities.


Properties of the intellect

The personal capabilites of higher Life-guiding intellect and its lower or narrower mental properties are in direct proportion to the individual's stage of mental-spiritual development. The distortive effect of the lowest earth-oriented mechanical intellect may sometimes badly overide a higher and more humane understanding. In its highest form intellect is supported by a mastery of universal understanding and wisdom, and facilitated by the efficiency of respective energies.


Qualification of Divine Energy

The use of this energy; it is properly and rightly qualified when used for good, unselfish ends, and misqualified when exploited for selfish or destructive purposes.


Quality of life

The inner and outer quality of living brings to the student of the spiritual path a wealth of stimuli. A rightful realization of his inner potential is reflected in his external life qualities, such as aspirations to improve the environment.



Rectification is a more lenient form of correction; the latter referring to measures more effective in content.



A conceptual relation created by comparing an entity to the framework of existing knowledge.



An individual may be carried away from his destined path into circumstances where the task allotted to him cannot be realized.

In such a case one is (allowed) to be released from his intracosmic mission.


Reserve Corps of Destiny, the

A gathering of the most highly developed individuals in the most advanced class of beings on each planet. To these the common interest of their planet is superior to that of an individual. This assembly is trained and guided on the individual level through the spiritual administration of each planet. In times of normal development this corps limits its forces to an adequate reserve for emergencies only. Due to the present period of planetary transition new volunteers are being enrolled; to qualify, the candidates will have to share a higher than average code of moral and ethical values.



A parallel term for a more experienced channeller or contact person. In accordance with his intracosmic main soul plan the reservist works in co-operation with the spiritual administration and guidance of a planet. These persons are trained in mastering corrective measures for potential deviations in planetary development. In our time their number is increased; and qualified for enrollment are also those who would - due to their incomplete maturity - be ineligible in more peaceful times.



This quality is actualized through activities in unison with the Great Universal Plan, all the way from an individual to the planetary level, and extending to the ever-expanding universal bonds. Through their rightful actions the parallel Streams of Life with their alternative options are in harmony with the great abundance of Life essence designed by the Creator.



In the administrative systems and hierarchies of the Universe the lines of adjusting guidance are made up of parallel segments, generally termed as sections. From our planet's point of view, all cosmic sections as a whole are different from those elsewhere in space. The Local Universe is divided into sections each having a particular master in their employ together with their specific adjusters. At present, the assistance sections are reinforcing their readiness for a planetary change more than ever during the history of Planet Earth.



Through external and internal impulses every individual can attain higher domains of humanity by means of the eternal spiritual reserve of properly learned experiences. In higher Streams of Life this process of self-refinement differs because of their higher essence status. Through this constant process the lowest Streams of Life will in due course ascend to the next evolution stage above.



An individual's sensitivity level is a highly personal quality. Considerable differences occur even within the same development stage. Energy codes from creative and other related impulses are sensed highly individually. Sensitivity may occasionally surpass control, resulting in hypersensitivity.



With the expansion of understanding and rise of consciousness new, higher dimensions are attained. This results in increased sensitivization. The internalization of new, more refined stimuli into the consciousness, supported by greater understanding, is maintained by impulses launched via the properties of the individual Soul.



In inner or outer essence analogous to the object referred to.


Single soul plan

A short-term design for one incarnation only. It contains a granted share of the guiding energies in one's soul reserve, adding one phase into the succession of several earlier ones within the main soul plan. Every personal soul plan therefore employs a programming which is operative through this larger (main) soul plan. In a single incarnation is incorporated only the share from this larger backround programming which will be connected into operation for this particular period.


Sister souls

All the fragments issued from one and the same spirit-soul series launched from Divinity.


Solar community (Community of suns; galaxy)

A conglomerate of many solar systems. Differences exist as to their (structural) expanse and composition; for example, in the age content of the inherent parts as compared to that of the whole conglomerate. Similar deviations prevail in distances between the member planets and their quantity within the community.


Solar family (Sun family)

The planetary system around one or several central bodies, comprising planets with their moons, asteroids, comets and other such material or non-material (superphysical) entities held in orbit by the gravity of the central body.


Soul reserve (Main composite of soul)

The whole of qualified processed reserve in the soul, incorporated in experiential understanding and utilized for energies of growth. It contains the entirety of an individual's understood learning during each incarnation, also including the discarnate (intervening) periods. The quality, quantity and efficiency of the energy charge contained in this reserve provide and modify our abilities to operate with greater understanding in the bodies above our physical one.


Sound frequency

A physically audible vibration frequency and the resulting assembly of its higher harmonic multiples. Sound frequencies vary from high to low depending on the source of sound. Physical sounds with their harmonics also create formations of light energies oscillating on the paraphysical or extrasensory level as an undulating composition of colours.


Spirit constituent, the

A parallel term for the Eternal Self, Overself and other similar designations. The highest manifestation of all human essences. It originates from Divinity and is connected to the Prime Source of Life by means of specific circuitry.


Spirits of mental assistance

In accordance with the Universal Plan the beings in all evolutionary planets receive universal assistance through mental energy. These spirits are in contact with the seven cosmic main rays for the purpose of controlling the depth and width of this radiant energy information. One of their vital tasks is to make the consciousness of evolving beings expand and open to higher spiritual influences - the extent of which is restricted only by the limitations of the subjects.


Spiritual corruption/immaturity

Referring to the working motives of primitive and egotistic individuals. Their existence may occasionally manifest traits pertaining to animal nature.


Spiritual healing

A general term for the channelling of paraphysical energies either into one's own essence or into any other recipient. All spiritual healing contains a fraction of Prime Universal Energy and ranges from a lesser healing by thought to real spiritual healing by all appropriate means conceivable. These, of course, can be modified at need in level, content, or efficiency.


Spirituality (man's spiritual essence)

Inner sensitivization for higher mental qualities experienced personally and often connected to religious influences. The contents of spirituality manifest major differences in the extent and diversity of inner development; not least in superficial or pseudo-spirituality, which greatly differs from true inner spirituality.



A parallel term for 'solar'; uded interchangeably in terms such as solar/stellar family and solar/stellar community.


Streams of Life, the

Exemplified by those of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms together with mankind. Each stream has its own development stage with internal parallels and differences. Here a much employed reference to the essence of Life Streams could be used once more: Divinity sleeps in the mineral, awakens in the vegetable, moves in the animal kingdom, and becomes conscious in the representatives of mankind.


Structural essence

A manifested model characteristic of a race or species, including man and any other bearers of Life. In the long run minor modifications occur in the structural essence of representatives of each evolutionary Stream of Life. The evolution process takes place in mental, nervous and physical-etheric areas of essence. Spiritual impulses have a decisive role in the modification and remodelling of these patterns. It is on them that the guiding patterns are built in the cycle of reincarnation; and the opening of these patterns into the physical dimension is realized via living individuals.


Structure of essence

The internal and external structure of men, animals, plants and minerals differ essentially from one another. The framework for a being's structure of essence is made up of specific energy content within a Wave of Life, combined with the respective stage of individuation within this Wave. Man's structure of essence contains an individualized fragment of the Soul, and therewith the personal guidelines for the Eternal Self. An animal's higher adjustment quidelines of Life derive from the central group soul uniting all representatives of a species. Consequently, considerable differences appear between these two orders of beings: differences structure of essence are combined with those in guidance for internal spiritualization. Experiential content combined with conscious growth of understanding differs all the more on the basis of the essential composition of each. The structural models of Soul with their divergent Circuits of Life build on the basis of fundamental structural model provided by the direction of Higher Life.



The part of a person's conscious mind which is not employed in a conscious way in any of its layers. On a physical level, the opening of the subconscious depends on a person's stage of spiritual development. It comprises the areas of bodily memory which are inaccessible on a daily basis. The astral, mental, higher mental, and causal planes of the mind are subconscious layers of a person bound to his physical body. Under appropriate circumstances everyone will have potential personal access to the realms of his subconscious mind while in the conscious state. A means for this is exemplified by hypnosis. Others include spiritual composure, meditation, and other mind-opening practices. The higher the frequencies of mental vibration that are reached, the higher is the portion of the subconscious available to the conscious mind.


Superhuman administration

The spiritual government of our planet, including the spiritual guidance of each nation in conjunction with the planetary whole.


Supernatural (Transcendental)

Referring to beings equipped with inner powers and spiritual values above those manifest in our physical state, with corresponding capacities of action. These actions may be manifested within our physical dimension or in ones higher above.


Those above

A colloquial term for all beings surpassing the spiritual development stage of mankind, including creatures of spiritual dimension as well as the most advanced spacial beings of whatever shape and form.



Righful loving understanding towards all diverse realizations of Life.


Traffic in space

Spacial traffic occurs in a variety of forms and dimensions, owing to the variance in structural approaches and the energy applications utilized. In cosmic travelling to Planet Earth several energy forms are exploited, such as levels of physical matter simultaneously with energies of higher frequency vibrations. Long distances in time and space are covered by utilizing the laws of the fourth and higher dimensions with their peculiar energies.



Logical and controlled programmes, usually of longer duration. Their quality and quantity are related to the development stage of the trained. Individual training differs from group training by way of structure and efficiency.

    In initial and most lenient stage the trainees are educated through either internal or external impulses, employing a slower pace of influence.

    The second stage includes more effective instruction carried out with increased efficiency and detail. Detailed instruction is individually suited to the development stage of each trainee. The knowledge received is also applied and tested with practical experience, always according to the individual's understanding. This stage also includes the necessary situational guidance.

   The most efficient, the third, stage concentrates on teachings on the basis of the information internalized in the earlier stages. The trainees are now working on all conscious, subconscious and unconscious bodily dimensions (See 'Mind'). On each of these mental levels the trainees are to gain increased understanding through their experiences throughout the training, whether guidance, instruction or teaching. During this process they will also gain increased understanding of their opportunities for learning on various fields of life. In the course of training, modest chances are also attained for influencing those behind. In due time opportunities will open for participation in training duties, first of guidance, later of more diversified teaching.


Transport vehicles

The vehicles used by the creatures of the Universe considerably differ by way of internal quality, structural approach and the energy application utilized. Applications of motive energy differ even within the same operation principles. Cosmic civilizations employ several applications of motive energy: long-distance conveyances frequently function by modifying the prime source of energy of the universe. Medium-distance vehicles employ an enormous variety of energy applications: a multidimen-sional one utilizing forces of gravitation, electro-magnetism and light, and another based on photon jet engines. Similar principles are applied to vehicles for short distances. Certain cases also necessitate the presence of the transformers of universal prime energy.


Twin souls

A referential term for a spirit-energy bond between two persons. When the integral monad is divided into two, each resulting half becomes unipolar in its charged essence: one retains more controllive-managerial properties while the other receives more creative-vitalizing forces of energy. United, the halves manifest the Divine integrity of dominating and creative forces. Their personal development stage determines the energy capacity they can, individually or jointly, bring along to the physical dimension.



The initials of a self-explanatory term, an unidentified flying object, referring to almost invariably illuminated objects of all sizes and most varying shapes, of fixed or partly indefinite contours. With the exclusion of birds, planets, aircraft and the like there remains an incredible amount of evidence from observations of supernatural behaviour in respect to the known phenomena. A variety of terms designate the creature travelling aboard one: ufonaut, space citizen, space man, humanoid, star man, and so forth.



All the higher dimensions of consciousness inaccessible even through the subconscious. These layers of the mind become attainable only in favourable conditions and through exercise. To reach the unconscious strata by means of physical understanding is impossible. In due course a person's mental-spiritual development will create capacity superior to that of the average personality for reaching states of understanding ascending to the Eternal Self as well as contacts with bodies of higher dimensions; the mental and causal ones, for instance. Thereby the unconscious share within one's personality will be diminished. The abilities granted by the status of a master will allow an individual the prerequisites for consciously and with uninterrupted consciousness reaching the Buddhic levels, that is, the motive-generated layers together with the lower spiritual or nirvanic dimensions of personality. Individual progress in union with universal evolution will open the doors to more extended areas of understanding.



The part of an individual's consciousness which is employed in his active use. It varies in extent depending on the individual level of mental and spiritual development. Highly individual is also the internalization of various fields of Life-creating growth in experiential understanding.



A major multidimensional cosmic whole with its intrinsic Streams of Life, whether guiding, controlling or creative. A cosmos represents a minor portion of this larger whole, a restricted area selected out of the Universe for purposes of closer study, analysis, and so forth.


Vegetable kingdom, the

Includes individual plants together with the physical and etheric counterparts as well as the entire plant groups together with their group soul energies. Each species of the vegetable kindgdom has its own counterpart within their group soul.



The capacity of the mind for shaping and creating, with a variety of energies, entities ranging from thought patterns to greater and more powerful actualizations of the mind. Visualization exercises will create within their functional range energy formations whose contents and duration depend on the energy efficiency of these formations.



Guidance connected to controlled adjustment where the subject acts as the adjuster through his own will.


Will constituent, the

The realizing energy content following the initial impulse. The realization of this energy depends on the Soul's development stage and on the quality of the available energies. Efficiency results from the strenght of a person's control gained through mental sensitivization.